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1. Adobe Flash Player
2. Microsoft .NET Framework
3. Windows Media Player
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Opaloflux Clock and Calendar provides a free alternative to your default system clock. This powerful software not only provides the same functionalities as the default system clock but also additional features which makes this software unique.
The main interface provides the current time and date. It has a fully customizable GUI since you can change the clock face, interface background, text colours and transparency settings. Contains over 30 different clock faces and allows you to install more. Furthermore contains a note section, for any important reminders you need to remember.

Provides a drag and drop, zoomable based appointment calendar, which lets you change the date and change how many days the calendar shows. You can customize appointments and the calendar skin.

Alarm Clock:
Provides an alarm clock manager for all your alarms. This unique alarm clock offers more features than other alarm clock programs as it gives you customizable notifications for each individual alarm that you have set. This means you can change the text and background colour, the picture icon and even the sound file that is played. Since Windows Media Player is used within our software you can play a wide range of music files. If you have your sound muted on your system, you can tick the checkbox on the alarm clock interface and it will override the mute command on your system.

Stopwatch | Count Down:
Provides a stopwatch which lets you mark multiple times which afterwards can be saved or be sent to a printer so it can print the results out. The count down provides a numerical count down due to the number of seconds requested by the user. Once the count down reaches zero an alert box will appear notifying the user.

Dock Station:
Provides an application launcher from the application itself. This means you can open your favourite programs and games. Just find the path of the executable file, and our software will do the rest.

What is new in this version?
Bug fixes:
- 'Close Application Options' button didn't resize correctly, now fixed.
- Alarm Clock notification doesn't open when a different date to today's date is selected - We provided a temporary fix and we are looking into a more suitable measure for our upcoming alarm clock manager which will also be included in the next version of this software.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a PAD file to download, however a PAD file will be available soon.