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About Us

At Opaloflux we develop award winning software that focuses innovation, creativity and design which enhances user experience and interaction.  Our primary aim is to build and engineer fantastic products that also incorporate features that make our software not only unique but also useful to the user.

Opaloflux is a label given to a range of software products that are hosted on our website. All products that we (developers) create are given the Opaloflux label.

At the moment Opaloflux is not a company; we currently create and host software free-of-charge (this is subject to change), and all the software created is developed in the free time of the developers.

Opaloflux is currently operated within the UK; however developers can contribute from all over the world.

Our first software (Opaloflux Clock and Calendar) was released in 2008, and since then has become very popular and have also gained numerous awards.

If you have a piece of software, and want to host it on our website we will be glad to review it and if we approve it could be placed on our website. You can state that you are developer in the 'About Me' section in your software; however we would ask you, to place the Opaloflux label in front of your software name.
Contact Us

You can contact us by clicking on the email button below. We will try our best to respond to your
request as soon as possible, but due to the large
amount of emails
we receive replies
may take a few
Please be aware that we have changed our email address from opaloflux@live.co.uk to opalofluxsoftware@gmail.com

Any support questions, please contact us by using our support forum