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Thank-You for installing Opaloflux Clock and Calendar 4.0

Before you start, lets show you how to get started...

1. Adobe Flash Player
2. Microsoft .NET Framework
3. Windows Media Player
Have you got the following three pieces of software installed?
Do you know what each control does?
This is the clock interface, this can be changed by clicking on the 'Open Application Settings' button.
This is the Windows Operating System Calendar Tool.
This shows the time and the date. You can toggle between AM and PM by clicking on the text. You can also change the formatting of the date too!
This is a notes box.
To edit, just click.

These buttons allow to either Open/Close the Application Options, Open Settings, Or minimize the application to your taskbar.
This section is shown, when you click on the 'Open Application Options' button. Shown are all the options and features of the program.
You can now start using the Software!

We recommend you watch the YouTube Video which shows you how to use
the other features of our software...

Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Preview Video